The 2nd BRICS Film Festival, opening on June 23, 2017 in Chengdu, will highlight 30 competitive films of the BRICS countries, or the bloc of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The celebration is only 34 days away and preparations are in full swing under the supervision of the executive committee.  

The first bright spot of the festival is Where Has the Time Gone, a production introduced and funded by China and directed by Chinese new director Jia Zhangke in collaboration with famous directors of the other BRICS countries. Where Has the Time Gone is the first film co-produced by BRICS directors and will be well worth the wait.     

Diverse cultures are excellent alike. Based on the philosophy of “One national film culture a day”, the festival initiates a National Film Day so more audience can know more about the cultural and cinematic achievements of the BRICS countries and experience the charm of different national cultures. 

To remind the audience of classical BRICS films, ten blockbusters will be screened together for the first time in celebration of the festival and in admiration of immortal classics. These global blockbusters include Yellow Earth of China, Central Station of Brazil, The Dawns Here Are Quiet of Russia, Awara of India, Between Friends of South Africa, etc. While remembering the classics, the festival will highlight the newest and most excellent productions of the BRICS countries. These are Brazilian film Nise: The Heart of Madness of Brazil, nominated for Best Picture and Best Actress in the main competition section at the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival in 2015, and Brazilian film The Second Mother, nominated one of the Top 5 Foreign Language Films at the 87th National Board of Review Awards in 2015. 

To involve more people in the festival, Chengdu will also organize a roadshow of the best BRICS films in 70 local communities in its five districts in order that the general public might enjoy themselves and experience the excitement. The tour is expected to increase people’s sense of gain, understanding of the BRICS ethos and love of the festival. 

This year is the Chinese Year of the BRICS bloc and China holds the chair. The coming festival is one of a series of activities included in the 9th meeting of BRICS politicians in Xiamen in September. The BRICS countries hope to grasp the opportunity to improve cultural exchange, national identification and economic cooperation. The opening and closing ceremonies will be telecast live on CCTV-6, SCTV and CDTV in order for the Chinese audience and foreign friends to get close to the BRICS countries, celebrate the cooperation and enjoy the excitement of film art.  


Brazil Competition film《The second Mother》Stills

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未标题-1.pngRussia Competition film《The monk and the devil》Stills: